Unveiling the Best Approach to Abdominal Fitness at Unbeaten Fitness

As spring and summer approach, the quest for the perfect abs intensifies. But what’s the best exercise for achieving those well-defined abs? While there’s no single exercise that does the trick, we at Unbeaten Fitness can provide you with a comprehensive approach to lose body fat, strengthen your core, and enhance muscle definition.

1. Eat Right for Visible Abs

The foundation for visible abs lies in nutrition. Lower body fat levels, often a result of a well-managed diet, make your abdominal muscles stand out. Remember, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Eating foods that support your training but don’t contribute to high body fat levels is essential. Our nutrition coaches are here to help you create an effective diet plan to reveal that six-pack.

2. Full-Body Movements With Free Weights

Training styles vary in their effectiveness for core development. Isolated exercises like machine-based biceps curls or leg extensions have minimal impact on the core. In contrast, full-body compound movements with free weights engage your core significantly. Exercises like standing dumbbell presses or back squats require your abs and erectors to work hard, thus building core strength.

3. Specific Core Exercises

While crunches are popular, they are just one of many exercises that can effectively target your core. Here’s a list of varied core exercises:

  • Planks (including side variations)
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Bird dogs
  • Glute bridges
  • Leg raises
  • Ab roll-outs
  • AbMat sit-ups
  • GHD sit-ups
  • Toes-to-bars/knees-to-elbows
  • Side bends
  • Wood choppers
  • Twists
  • Turkish get-ups
  • V-ups
  • Flutter kicks

To get the most out of these exercises, select a balanced mix that targets different parts of your core: one for the back (like glute bridges), one for each side (like side bends), and one for the front (like bicycle crunches).

Starting Point for Core Workouts

A general starting point could be 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise, two or three times a week, with rest days in between. Combine this with full-body weight training, regular conditioning workouts, and a diet rich in whole foods with low sugar and fat content.


Achieving great abs is a combination of strategic nutrition and a variety of exercises. To get tailored advice and a personalized plan for your abdominal goals, click here for our Magee location or click here to book a consultation with a coach at Unbeaten Fitness. Let’s work together to achieve those sculpted abs you’re aiming for!



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